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september 16th 2002
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DOGBOWL "Chasing bare bones"

Dogbowl (aka Stephen Tunney)'s career is already long (two albums with King Missile (Dog Fly Religion) in 1987 and 1988 and nine albums since 1989, including two with Kramer), but unfortunately he hasn't had yet the success he deserves. He might be paying the price for living alternatively across two continents, Europe and America, which probably hasn't helped the development of his career (first steps on Shimmy Disc, then two records on Lithium, one on Eyeball Planet and the "Best of volume 2" on 62tv).
And yet, how many artists' repertory are rich enough to yield four "best of" collections, the fourth one being as good as any one of the first three ?
No track of this collection overlaps with the three previous volumes. it draws largely from my favourite albums (
"Project success", the live "Cigars, guitars and topless bars", "The zeppelin record" and "Fantastic carburetor man"). These two records are indispensable, but be aware that the best summary of the whole first period of Dogbowl remains "Cigars, guitars and topless bars", one of of the best live albums in the history of rock music (along with, for instance, "Modern lovers live", "Backyard barbecue broadcast" by Giant Sand - also recorded at WFMU - and Johnny Cash "At San Quentin").
To complete the selection and make happy the fans who think they own all of Dogbowl's records, we have included two rarities
("Citroën" and "Another day"), two unreleased live tracks (a cover of one of the best singles by Devo and a memorable French version of "Womanizer") and three bonus tracks culled from the second King Missile (Dog Fly religion) album, that many of you probably don't know.
Finally, we regret that, of the three previous "Best of Dogbowl", only volume 2 remains available (on 62tvrecords). When can we hope for a reissue of volumes 1 and 3 ?

Dogbowl "Chasing bare bones", Vivonzeureux! Records, 2002

DOGBOWL : chasing bare bones, the best of dogbowl volume 4
series : "Not available"
ref : not available 003

release date : april 27th 2002

1 If you see me
2 Concrete table of love
3 You in the telstar
4 Daytime
5 She and me

6 Zeppelin always crashing
7 Oiseau rouge
8 Hemophiliac of love
9 Citro‘n
10 The day my baby gave me a surprise
11 Follow my roving eyeball
12 Fantastic carburetor man
13 Pollyanna Penelope
14 Stalker
15 Obsessed with girls
16 Sad fellow
17 Fly
18 Transplant her slowly
19 Casanova (Womanizer)
20 Train goes away
21 Anoher day
22 Basketball girl #5
23 Why ?
bonus tracks :
24 She had nothing
25 He needed
26 Hemophiliac of love

4 & 15 from "Tit ! (an opera)", 1989
2, 8, 14 & 20 from "Project success", 1993
1, 16 & 23 from "Cigars, guitars & topless bars - Live at WFMU", 1995
5 & 13 from "Gunsmoke", by Dogbowl & Kramer, 1995
9 from "Nuage nuage" (double 7"), by Dogbowl and/et Peter Parker, 1995
6, 11, 17 & 22 from "The Zeppelin record", 1998
3, 7, 12 18 from "Fantastic carburetor man", 2001
21 from "Rutles highway revisited, a tribute to The Rutles"
10 live at the Bar de La Comédie, Reims, France, by Dogbowl & Poney, february 22nd 2002
19 live at the Botanique, Brussels, Belgium, as part of the "parcours chanté", september 1999
24, 25 & 26 from "They", 1988, by King Missile (Dog Fly Religion)

All titles by Dogbowl (Stephen Tunney), except 10 (Mark Mothersbaugh), 21 (Neil Innes), 24 & 25 (lyrics by John S. Hall, music by Dogbowl)

Compiled by Pol Dodu, march-april 2002
Cover photo : Moss in Pinner, Middlesex, United Kingdom, circa 1983-1984, by Pol dodu

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Official Dogbowl site : www.dogbowl.com