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november 2nd 2003
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"I believe in rock'n'roll"
1983-2003 : 20 years of Creation Records

Creation Records is 20 years old. 20 yeras since Alan McGee and his friends published two issues of their Communication Blur fanzine with accompanying flexidiscs featuring songs by The Pastels, Laughing Apple and Television Personalities. 20 years since Alan McGee and his friends The Legend!, Joe Foster, Dick Green launched a new club in a London pub, The Living Room, and put on gig headlined by bands uch as The Mekons, The Nightingales, Alternative TV, The Times or Television Personalities. 20 years since the release of a 3-track single by The Legend!, "73 in 83", with Patrik Fitzgerald guest-starring on guitar, a single that is now reviled by all concerned. 20 years, more importantly for me, since I attended my first Television Personalities concert, at theLiving Room, and bought issue 2 of Communication Blur, and then The Legend!'s single, then a few months later those by Revolving Paint Dream, Biff, Bang, Pow! and The Jasmine Minks.

Creation Records is not here anymore to celebrate its anniversary. Anyway, the last years of the label are not the ones that gave us the best music. What matters today is that Alan McGee (with Poptones), as well as Dick Green (with Wichita) and Joe Foster (with Rev-Ola) are still releasing the music they like and sharing their godd taste with us.

This umpteenth compilation of the Creation label was composed according to the usual rules : not more than one song per artist or band (even if some of the more active individuals find themselves on two tracks, obviously not by accident : it's the case for Joe Foster, Peter Astor, Andrew Innes and Alan McGee) and a priority given to the pleasure of good music. You are of course strongly advised to go roaming to discover more of the discography of the artists presented here.

There are few rarities in this collection, except for the demo version of "Upside down" by The Jesus and Mary Chain, which should have featured on a 12" single b-side, the release of which was cancelled by the band at the last minute in February 1985. Of course, on just one record it was not possible to account correctly for the whole of the huge production of the label. Felt would have deserved a compilation just for themselves (but this compilation exists elsewhere). As for those who are looking for Oasis and not finding them, they should not worry : our tastes favour the beginnings of the label more than its later days, and they can console themselves knowing that 'Oasis nearly made the tracklisting (but only nearly) with "Supersonic" or an early single b-side. But we did allow ourselves a little fantasy by including an updated version of "73 in 83", which only deserves to be as much reviled as the original version !!!

J.C. Brouchard

Divers artistes, "I believe in rock'n'roll", Vivonzeureux! Records, 2003

(various artists)

collection : "Not available"
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release date : november 2nd 2003

Compiled by J.C. Brouchard, october 2003
Cover photo : Joe Foster and Alan McGee, backstage at theCroydon Underground, november 20th1985, by J.C. Brouchard.
In memory of Donnelly and Gilles Raffier.

Artist/Band Title From Creation catalogue number Year
1 Bill Drummond I believe in rock'n'roll album "The man" CRE 014 LP 1986
2 Jasmine Minks What's happening Single CRE 018 1985
3 Biff, Bang, Pow ! There must be a better life Single CRE 007 1984
4 Pastels Something going on Single CRE 005 1984
5 The Loft Up the hill and down the slope Single CRE 015 1985
6 Felt A declaration album "Poem of the river" CRE LP 017 1987
7 Television Personalities A day in heaven album "Alive in the living room" CRE LP 001 1984
8 The Jesus and Mary Chain Upside down (demo) "Upside down" 12" single b-side CRE 012 T (unreleased) 1985
9 Meat Whiplash Don't slip up Single CRE 020 1985
10 My Bloody Valentine (When you wake) You're still in a dream album "Isn't anything" CRE LP 040 1988
11 Boo Radleys Towards the light album "Everything's alright forever" CRE LP 120 1988
12 Revolving Paint Dream Mandra mandra album "Mother watch me burn" CRE LP 039 1988
13 Primal Scream Higher than the sun (12" mix) Single CRE 096 T 1991
14 The Times Girl called Mersey album "Pure" CRE LP 091 1991
15 Momus Hairstyle of the devil (original version) Single CRE 063 1989
16 Weather Prophets Blue rooftop "Always the light" single b-side CRE 056 T 1988
17 Teenage Fan Club Don's gone Columbia "The radio" single b-side CRE 130 T 1993
18 Jazz Butcher Looking for lot 49 album "Fishcotheque" CRE LP 027 1988
19 Sugar If I can't change your mind Single CRE 149 1993
20 House of Love Shine on Single CRE 043 1987
21 Ride Drive blind Single CRE 072 T 1990
22 Slaughter Joe She's so out of touch Single CRE 035 1986
23 Laughing Apple Wouldn't you ? Communication Blur flexidisc single Creation artifact LYN 12903 1983
24 JC Brouchard vs The Legend! 83 in 2003 Previously unreleased features a sample from "73 in 83"
by The Legend!, CRE 001, 1983