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november 9 2007
Je veux retourner à  la maison
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If you clicked on one of the links that lead to this page, it means you have not read carefully the page of introduction to Vivonzeureux! Records.
There's no bluffing here, Vivonzeureux! / Letslivappy! is truly a virtual label. And as we're not after money for money's sake, we want to make you dream, but above all we don't want to rob you (nor the artists or their labels...).

So, our records are not for sale, but there are many records out there that you probably don't have !

Dogbowl has his own site, and his "Best of volume 2" is available on 62tvrecords (it's the only one of the four volumes still available).

Giant Sand (Blacky Ranchette) sell directly some records on their site. Others are available on Thrill Jockey, Loose and Glitterhouse.

The latest records by Jonathan Richman are released by Vapor Records. Many others (including "Jonathan goes country") are available on his previous label, Rounder.

"Savoir faire", volume 1 of the "Best of" Family Fodder, is out on Dark Beloved Cloud, as is "Water shed", the record they made after they reformed. At Jungle Records, you can also fibnd the best of and vintage vinyls by the band from circa 79-81.

The Available collection is an exception. These records are vailable as free downloads, except for "Excusez-moi, je me suis occupé un peu de tout", which was released before the launch of our virtual label, and is available from us ! Its exchange value is set to 4 €, plus p&p. Write to us to order it.