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april 6th 2004
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"Nulle part"

Les Petits Sablés, "Nulle part", Vivonzeureux! Records, 2004

download "Nulle part" (MP3, 1,7 mgb)

collection : "Available"
ref : available 003
release date : april 1st 2004

1 Nulle part (Nowhere) (Howe Gelb, adapted into French by Pol Dodu)

bonus track for the Fan-dango album (Sandman series #8, 2004)

"Fan-dango" (Sandman Series # 8, 2004)

Les Petits Sablés :
Ze Rogers (voices, violin, lap steel guitar and mouth harp)
Pol Dodu (voix)

Recorded live by Omar in his living room in Nantes, France, July 2003
Contains a sample of "Cheating the game" (James Yorkston) by James Yorkston & The Athletes (Domino Records, 2002)
Cover art : Pol Dodu
Dedicated to Rainer and Pappy Allen

For a long time, it was common to say that every rock journalist was a frustrated musician. In recen times, thanks to the communities made possible by the internet, we know for sure that a great number of fans are frustrated artists ! Compilations of covers of their idols are made every other day, without any pretention, by fans and mostly destined to other fans. Giant Sand fans, who have elected to communicate, between themselves and with Howe Gelb, through the Comments board of the official www.giantsand.com site, have played this covers game last summer, and have released the fruits of their labour, "Fan-dango", as an album in the non-commercially distributed Sandman Series, available freely to the network of fans.

Because of a series of mishaps, including an MP3 file forgotten in an email box, a move between houses and a computer failure, this cover in French of the song "Nowhere" , recorded by Les Petits Sablés in Nantes, was omitted from the first copies of "Fan-dango" which were circulated. We are happy to correct this mistake today with this offer to download "Nulle part", and so much so that these LIttle Sandies from Brittany (Petits Sablés, meaning Little Sandies, are a recipe of shortbread cakes from Brittany) are perfectly suited to salute the greatness of Giant Sand and its mainman, Howe Gelb.

"Nowhere", the song covered here in French live in a living room, was first recorded in 1986 by The Band of Blacky Ranchette (the country band led by Howe Gelb and Rainer) on "Heartland", the second album. But as this record was only released in Great Britain adn has never been reissued on CD, the most well-known version is the one recorded by Giant Sand on "Ramp" in 1991. This second version was sung by Pappy Allen, a friend of the band, owner of a bar and restaurant in the desert, who also sang with them on at least one of their European tours, and who sadly died shortly afterwards.

Pol Dodu