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october 18th 2004
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"Surprise partie hoptimiste", Vivonzeureux! Records, 2003

So, a few years after "Excusez-moi, je me suis occupé un peu de tout", Vivonzeureux! is happy to present you with our second compilation. But the times they are a-changing. This time, no CD presses in Austria through a middle-man from Bordeaux, no CD to send by post, no unsold stock gathering dust in the attic, and more importantly, no cut in the savings we don't have anymore. All this because our compilation is completely free and available in the form of downloadable MP3 files.

But this time, we have special guest stars, among whom Howe Gelb, who supplied us with a song unreleased on record, "Creakin' chair", which was previously only available through his website. This track featured originally on a 5-track CD-R that Howe had sent to the "Comes with smile" magazine for them to choose a song for the CD that comes with the magazine. Hideen treasures like this, many would love to have them under hand to include on their official releases. But Howe probably has hundreds like as good as these lying around the house. Dogbowl also offered an unreleased track, "Ecoutez-moi", recorded live and sung in French, if you please ! This is all the more of an achievement as we know that Dogbowl, an American who has been living in France every other year for quite some time now, still has sometimes difficulties to use French, but here pulls it off wonderfully with this song improvised on the spot. From his retreat on a Scottish near-island, Sandy Burnett, aka Jim Shepherd from The Jasmine Minks, gave us a folk-tinted instrumental.

The Jasmine Minks already featured on "Excusez-moi", like many other friends who present us with more recent songs. Nous avons un titre du dernier album en date de Gamover (une ode au Berry !), un extrait du prochain et final album de Brodé Tango, un inédit punky de notre vedette locale, Le Vieux Thorax, et une démo récente de Karine Bagot & Le Petit Personnel, qui enregistrait auparavant sous le nom de Kara.

But we have lots of new friends on this new compilation. Ray's Vast Basement is a band from San Francisco. They're one of the many bands we discoveered through Epitonic, a website that supplies free legal MP3s. Their album "On the banks of the time" tells the fascinating story of a cave in Drakesville, from -100,000 BC to our days. The bdan members met when they all rented trailers on the ranchouse that has the cave on its grounds. the very year that saw France vote Chirac more than it ever did before, Les Beaux Bizarres admit they voted Mitterrand ! (and he's been dead seven years now...) This song will feature on their soon-to-be-released first album. As for the Boum Bomo's album, it's been available for quite some time now. "Tribute à zéro" reminds us of the very short period when all of us in France worshipped singer Miossec. Ah, nostalgia when you take hold of us... Le Népalais pays a tribute too, but to Dogbowl (oh oh...). This might not surprise you once you'll know that it is apparently a Dogbowl concert at the MJC Claudel in Reims that prompted Le Népalais to step out and become a singer-songwriter too !

The featured artists have all given away their track for this compilation. If you like their music, please try to buy one of their available records.

How to use : Download the MP3 files from the list below onto your hard drive. If you want to, use your CD-burning software to convert the files and burn your own audio CD-R. In that case, use the supplied link to download the cover art and print it. use some scissors and glue and that's it, you have a nice homemade compilation !

"Surprise partie hoptimiste", Vivonzeureux! Records, 2003
download printable version of the cover art

collection : "Available"
ref : available 002
release date : february 4th 2003

Compiled by Pol Dodu
Cover art : Pol Dodu, inspired for the front by "Surprise partie camping" (RCA Victor, France, 1963, photo Baumgartner, stand Trigano) and for the back by "Love is Blue" (Europa, Allemagne, end of the 1960's).




Le Vieux Thorax

Réelle attaque
(Grégoire Bagot)
Recorded at home in Paris i n 2002 ; Instruments : Le Vieux Thorax. vieuxthorax.citoyenlambda.net


(Stephen Tunney)
Recorded live by Philippe Dumez at La Péniche 6/8, Paris, circa 1995-1996 ; Dogbowl : voice and instruments. www.dogbowl.com


Rossignolet dub wah
Near dub experience
Recorded at home in Reims (France) in 2001 ; Trombone : Mr Fishy ; Other instruments : DJ Gamover. gamover.chez.tiscali.fr

Howe Gelb

Creakin' chair
(Howe Gelb)
Probably recorded at home in Tucson, Arizona ; Voice and instruments : Howe Gelb. www.giantsand.com

Ray's Vast Basement

I can be alone
(Jon Bernson)
On the banks of the time
Co-produced by Tony Brooke & Jon Bernson ; Drums : Chris Linnevers ; Percussion : Dave Macgillis ; Bass : Ian Walsh ; Guitars : Jon Bernson ; Trumpet : Yvette Jackson ; Saxophone : Mark Growden. www.raysvastbasement.com

Brodé Tango

A la veuve affolée
(Dorian Feller)
Ordre de dispersion
Drums : Joss Mandall ; Voice and other instruments : Dorian Feller ; Mixing : J.-B. 13 rue de Saint-Lié
51390 Villedommange

Karine Bagot & Le Petit Personnel

Sauter en l'air
(Karine Bagot)
Demo recorded in Paris in 2002 ; Voice : Karine ; Clarinet : Christine ; Bass : Le Telstar Mouvement ; Guitar : Le Vieux Thorax. karinebagot.citoyenlambda.net

Les Boum Bomo's

Tribute à zéro
(Mike Branque & Luis Marionnous)
Réunion tupperwild
Recorded in 2001 ; Voice and instruments : Luis Marionnous & Mike Branque ; Voice : Divine Khomeny. boumbomos@yahoo.com

Le Népalais

(Le Népalais)
Voice and instruments : Le Népalais ; (Thank you ?) Dogbowl. lenepalais.multimania.com

Les Beaux Bizarres

J'ai voté Mitterrand
(Les beaux Bizarres)
Casino parade
Set to music by Les Beaux Bizarres ; a B.A.V.O. production in 2003. beauxbizarres.citoyenlambda.net

Sandy Burnett

The mountaineer
(Jim Shepherd)
Demo recorded in 2002 at home, in Dunoon (Scotland) ; Instruments : Jim Shepherd. www.jasmineminks.com