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19 octobre 2008
Je veux retourner à  la maison
Pidgin english version
retourner maison
pidgin english

RODOLPHE BURGER ensemble (capitol)
IDOL FODDER bäbytalk (slender means society)
JONATHAN RICHMAN because her beauty is raw and wild (vapor)
CHRIS BATHGATE a cork tale wake (quite scientific/tangled up)
THE TRUFFAUTS to your heart (TP9/Skycap)
RODOLPHE BURGER ensemble (capitol)
SABO 8 saisons à l'ombre (ruminance)
OKKERVIL RIVER the stage names (jagjaguwar)
RAMSAY MIDWOOD popular delusions and the madness of cows (farmwire)
ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI places like this (polyvinyl)
KEVIN AYERS the unfairground (tuition)
COCOROSIE the adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn (touch and go)
BILL CALLAHAN woke on a whaleheart (drag city)
LCD SOUND SYSTEM sound of silver (dfa)
ANDREW BIRD armchair apocrypha (fargo)
HERMAN DÜNE giant (source etc)
BRODE TANGO recueil 86-89 (dorian feller)
JIM JASMINE I wish I was unpopular (I wish I was unpopular)
(compilation) HOME/FAME (sorry but home recording records)
LE VIEUX THORAX villepin'occhio (close up)
LES FRERES NUBUCK chaque vivant est un mort en puissance (sorry but home recording records)
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN another sunny day (rough trade)
ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN ballad of the broken seas (v2)
ENRIC CASASSES PASCAL COMELADE la manera més salvatge (discmedi)

PASCAL COMELADE espontex sinfonia (discmedi)
ALBERT MARCOEUR l' (label frères)
M. WARD transistor radio (merge)
LES BOUM BOMO'S punk en kit
TELEVISION PERSONALITIES my dark places (domino)
DOCTOR SEAN BERG & YAYA HERMAN DÜNE a trip to tripville with...
people don't know what / 12 to 21 seconds left right left to live (ines boukov)
DOGBOWL songs for Narcisse (eyeball planet)
SHEL SILVERSTEIN the best of Shel Silverstein : his words his songs his friends (columbia/legacy)
MORNING STAR the opposite is true (microbe)
BROTHER ROGER weekend lovers (sorry but home recording records)
LAURA VEIRS troubled by the fire (bella union)
PATRIK FITZGERALD safety pin stuck in my heart : the very best of... (anagram)
THE FIERY FURNACES single again (rough trade)sub pop)
WIRE on the box : 1979 pink flag archive research)
(compilation) TAHITI BELLE EPOQUE n° 4 songs of the atolls & the islands (manuiti)
JASMINE MINKS the revenge of the jasmine minks (rev-ola)
(compilation) LES BANLIEUSARDS (sorry but home recording records)
YAYAHONI yayahoni plays his favourite tunes in the morning (herman düne)
BINGO BILL ORCHESTRA 200 kilos de papier - le best of (sorry but home recording records)
LIZZY MERCIER DESCLOUX mambo nassau / maïta (ze records)
BIFF, BANG, POW ! waterbomb ! (rev-ola)
JOHN WAYNE SHOT ME I'm a little dinosaur (62tv)
LAMBCHOP awcmon / noyoucmon (merge / city slang)
THE BAND OF BLACKY RANCHETTE still lookin' good to me (thrill jockey)
RAY'S VAST BASEMENT by a river burning blue (ray's vast basement)
SOFT MACHINE BBC session 1967 (hux)
STEREO TOTAL raretés en mp3 (stereo total)
OPTIGANALLY YOURS mp3s (optignally yours)
SONOKO la débutante (crammed)
LES TUEURS DE LA LUNE DE MIEL the honeymoon killers (crammed)
CRAMMED GLOBAL SOUNDCLASH 1980-89 (compilation) (crammed)
PAPA M three songs (drag city)
AZURE RAY november EP (saddle creek)
JAMES YORKSTON moving up country (domino)
GERARD JACQUET & PASCAL COMELADE pop songs del rossello 2 (trabucaire)
JOHNNY PAYCHECK the real Mr. Heartache (country music foundation)
THE RONDELLES six o'clock (teenbeat)
RAY'S VAST BASEMENT on the banks of the time
KATHRYN WILLIAMS little black numbers (caw)
COW beard (COW)
LE NEPALAIS bons baisers de nulle part (partycul system)
GAMOVER near dub experience
THE MAGNETIC FIELDS 69 love songs (merge)
RAINER live at the performance center (glitterhouse)
LILI BONICHE trésors de la chanson judéo-arabe (blue silver)
STUART MOXHAM fine tuning (feel good all over)
KEVIN AYERS singing the bruise - the bbc sessions 1970-72 (strange fruit)
ANDICE RUPEN & HOWE GELB work in progress EP (cd-r)
MAGAZINE (maybe it's right to be nervous now) (virgin)
THE FEELINGS "jammers" and zac love remixes (coming in second)
JOHNNY CASH at san quentin (the complete 1969 concert) (columbia)
THE IMPERIAL POMPADOURS ersatz (pompadour)